Lemongrass in Thailand Households.


Scientific name : Cymbopogon citrates (De ex Nees) Stapf.

Common name : Poaceae

English name : Lapine, Lemongrass and West Indian lemongrass

Lemongrass Curry with lemon grass, called central or Northern call to evaluate the southern Thailand called Kamal called big onion is not detecting. Section head called sing buri, prachin buri, Chrysler, as well as the Northeast. Lemongrass plant is native to Eastern Asia. West India Islands to bar ngatawan Southeast and South American continents.

Lemongrass is species Thailand into 7 types include: 

  1. Lemongrass annamensis
  2. Lemongrass calcicola
  3. Lemongrass calciphilus
  4. Lemongrass cambogiensis
  5. Lemongrass clandestinus
  6. Lemongrass khasianus
  7. Lemongrass nervatus

Characteristic of Lemongrass :

General characteristics of lemongrass, Lemongrass is perennial grass in a class, except lemongrass maychang and lemongrass water at perennial plants. Lemongrass is plant easy to growth. The trunk is herbaceous plant and small plant with age for many years. Stem is characteristics of approximately 1 metre but the real stem density approx 4 to 7 centimeters.

Skin of the trunk will be wrapped leaf blades around the trunk. Stems are short straight. There are short and rigid articulations.The leaf blades are covered with long sheets to strong. There will be a babysitter taught alternating density. A long sheet of plain leaf ornamentation, stack has hardened single leaves resemble elongated. Tapered blade edge blade sharp spikes are a little white wool is a bouquet of distribution contains the petiole and lamina is a single long after green leaves arranged alternately on the belly of a soft white color when flowering, flowering is a bouquet of distribution. Inflorescences have a neat design in each pair have an ornament supports .


Propagation and planting.

Lemongrass grown by the grocery early stump cut leaves, cones, steps approx. 1 creep bring embroidery. tattoo 1 week, it will be rakngok and thus bringing down to convert the prepared soil, or they may use the method to remove the roots to embroidered into the soil prepared by, each approximately 1 elbow if grown in pots, use embroidery cone into the pot. Each planter 2-3 started, then regularly watering to loosen soil, moist morning and evening set to Sun all day to make lemon grass grow faster. Lemongrass plant is like the soil, incoherent, and plants like water, like the Sun, is very much should have to take care of watering and let the Sun throughout the day. Lemon grass so it will grow as well. If anyone can grow in almost any soil type, the time to apply it at the base of the cutting, cooking most root and then withdrawn as required. Waiting on citronella are checking to see when the clump grow to withdraw and throw away or separated to cultivate new or used to keep above. If we do not separate? Citronella tree, it will be smaller and less noticeable and may be stunted midget kraen. It will start to wither and trees. Must be withdrawn and all new planting should change to a budding, which makes planting and breeding is easy ?

Lemongrass is a medicinal herb and aromatic. It is an ancient plant used for Thai food a long time. It is a Thai herb that we all know. Because lemongrass is a spice for cooking various. Whether as a spicy Tom yum, curry, Thai soup, sour soup made of tamarind paste, dressed salad  and many more.

except : lemongrass also has properties for many diseases. Although we do not eat lemongrass directly. Because most we use lemongrass as a component in cooking or use a fishy smell. After we eat ingredient with lemon grass, We will feel comfortable stomach. And if anyone home have pet dogs and cats, When they are sick, they usually eat lemongrass. After moment time to vomit so long as be cured and healed normal.

The use of lemongrass, 

  1. Use as a spice to cooking.
  2. Use as a medicine heal a wound.
  3. A key ingredient in soaps.
  4. Use as a medicine withhold smell.
  5. Used in industry cosmetics and incense.

Currently, lemongrass is used as a medicinal plant widely and increasingly both domestic and international, and with the cultivation of lemongrass started for trade in China, Japan and Taiwan. But major manufacturers are China that can be produced in the form of essential oils 1000 tons per year. For a country Thailand also found no commercial production may be due to not be propagated from seed. Most of the tree species can grow Lemongrass in different ways, such as planting the seeds to the groceries, but also unable to breed, and lemon tree section, because the tissue from the part of the tip can increase the quantity started, but in small quantities. Domestic Thailand lemon grass is found in natural forests, where sea level more than 700 meters by various natural .