Lemongrass Herb miracle in Thailand.

Lemongrass Herb miracle

Lemongrass is a tropical area. It is assumed that the region is native to the West Indies islands. Then it is grown to farming around the world and including in Thailand. Lemongrass has been planted in Thailand for hundreds of years. It becomes a primitive cultivars that is available every kitchen in Thailand. And it is harmony with the culture of Thailand for a very long time, especially of food Thailand.

Almost every family is important to the lemongrass. From start to market market to make breakfast and to dinner. Lemongrass has many benefits of food. Whether it is used as seasoning, flavoring various types of thaifood. And it is an essential component of Thai curry paste such as roasted chilli curry have  many different chili sauce in Thailand. Even a variety of Yum foods, such as Tom Yum. That bring the stem and flavor to the onion throughout the kitchen. The lemongrass has the capacity to smell the fishy of meat that is used in cooking and also helps to add more flavor to the tastes.

Lemongrass also has an important part of food preservation as well. If the refrigerator is damaged, try to boil the meat to the lemongrass. Then add a little salt, you can keep the meat without refrigeration space. This will cause the meat to slow out that the space is boiled without these herbs. On the other side, the value of the lemongrass that Thais have to eat is because it has a medicinal properties and is useful for treating diseases.

Lemongrass is an easy to farming plant. Disease and insect Resistant. As well as drought, dry and bad soil.
In the past, The neighbours usually the lemongrass is protected against soil the pond eage and earthen dyke. In addition, lemongrass is a plant propagation that also shoots the budding quickly. All people can easily farming plan a lemongrass in the household. If there is no large space, it can be planted in pots or tires. Lemongrass varieties can be found in the fresh market, Because the lemongrass used to cook it is a real plant varieties. And after farming plant ,Lemongrass it’s a shoots and budding one to become a huge. Can be used in many daily lives.

Lemongrass is a useful herbal vegetable plant. It’s a important part of food. We can also use the lemongrass in the medical way. When Thai people spot the importance of this point, it is very popular to farming as a vegetable plant. There are many benefits. It’s easy to take care of. It’s easy to buy and it can be used in conjunction with a wide range of everyday life. Lemongrass is a very magical and versatile herb.